Do you use Text Analytics or Plan to? Then Take the Text Analytics Survey.

Seth Grimes HeadshotText analytics expert Seth Grimes is conducting another of his valuable industry surveys among practitioners, adopters and those thinking about using text analytics. Seth’s insights and guidance have informed my thinking and been cited in my books Listen First! and Digital Metrics Field Guide. A few minutes of your time and the free report are well worth it.

His invitation …

If you are a current text-analytics user — or if you’re exploring ways to tame text — please take part in a survey I am conducting, at
I am researching how organizations apply text analytics, at the information they’re analyzing, what they look for when selecting solutions, and return on investment. I plan to release findings via a free report that will benchmark text-analytics usage and report perceptions about the technology and solutions. (The report from my 2011 study is online.)

The survey has 21 questions. Your response is anonymous (unless you provide contact info) and should take 5-10 minutes. Consultant and researcher responses are quite welcome. If you’re not a direct text-analytics user — but your customer experience, survey analysis, social-media analytics, or other solution relies on text analysis — please take the survey.