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The Digital Metrics Field Guide: Announcing Field Guide Fridays
Digital Metrics Field Guide by Stephen D. Rappaport

Announcing Field Guide Fridays – a companion site for The Digital Metrics Field Guide providing updates, links, points of view, debates, practices, tutorials, and interviews. The book is available for pre-order.

Field Guide Fridays address marketing, media, and advertising practitioners. People who use metrics and measurement in support of their brand-building work, but who are not uber-analysts or statisticians. Experts will find Field Guide Fridays a helpful supplemental source for the technically minded.

Expect selectivity. Plenty of sites cover the torrent of metrics news and company announcements,  many exceptionally.  I’ll stay with my strengths: synthesis, sense-making, strategy, practicality, and simplicity. My first topical post appears next week, and every two weeks afterwards to start.

Naturally I want this series to reflect your interests, concerns, questions, and to offer what you’d like to see: contact me with your ideas and suggestions whenever you like. With your input Field Guide Fridays should become a valuable resource that helps you and your brands use metrics in ways that contribute to their growth and yours.

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Author: stephenrappaport

I write and consult on achieving brand growth. My long-term advisory roles are with Sunstar, Inc., a global manufacturer of consumer products and Suretys, Inc. an insurtech. I was a Senior Fellow at Wharton’s SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management for 5 years and am the author of 3 books on digital marketing and measurement.