“Turn Your Social Media Goals Upside Down” recognized as a top article of 2014

Hank Berkowitz
Hank Berkowitz, editor, Association Advisor

I was surprised and flattered that my article for Association Advisor titled “Turn Your Social Media Goals Upside Down” was listed in a roundup of the top 30 articles of 2014 by Hank Berkowitz. Essentially the article makes the case for creating and harnessing advocacy among association members to energize and vitalize an association, instead of only treating social media as a top-down, ho hum, communications channel. The article is supported by quotes and a case study from the Field Guide

Humetrics Given a Shout Out by Association Advisor

ImageAssociation Adviser, the newsletter from Naylor, the leading provider of print and online media and event management solutions exclusively serving the association marketplace, mentioned the Digital Metrics Field Guide in its year-end review of issues and trends for 2014. Penned by Hank Berkowitz, the article talks about the changes in social media measurement outlined in the Guide, and calls out the importance of “humetrics.”