2016-05-03 Millennials, Mindsets & Money: Increasing Online Sales by Wineries, Stephen D. Rappaport and Howard R. Moskowitz, Nomacorc Blog

2014-05-21 Turn Your Social Media Goals Upside Down, byline, in Association Advisor.

2014-05-21 Are You Measuring What You Can…or What You Should? by Hank Berkowitz, Online Marketing B2Beat

2014-04-28 Five Digital Marketing Metrics That May Tell You Less Than You Think, by Mindy Charski, Data Informed

2014-04-24 Review. Digital Metrix Field Guide: Pearl of a Book, by Ronald Voorn in Marketing Online, a leading Dutch business publication.

2014-04-20 Six Pixels of Separation podcast: Winning Digital Metrics with Stephen Rappaport, hosted by Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image

2014-04-15 How to Gain Strategic Insight from Digital Metrics, Association Advisor, bylined article

2014-03-24 The Cardinal Sin of Digital Measurement, Innovation Insights, bylined article

2014-03-01 Lessons Learned from 197 Metrics, 150 Studies, and 12 Essays: A Field Guide to Digital Metrics, Journal of Advertising Research

2013-12-01Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners, mention of Humetrics in Association Advisor’s guidance by Hank Berkowitz


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