Macro Beer Study Elements

Macro Beer Study Elements

Category A: Style and Taste

A1        Crisp, clean, and drinkable

A2        Very mild  … doesn’t taste of malt or hops

A3        Balanced taste of malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness

A4        Light and citrusy … flavored with refreshing lime

A5        Full flavored … a brawny beer with swagger

A6        Similar to a microbrew


Category B: Appearance and Body

B1        Very effervescent – lots of bubbles

B2        Pale color and light bodied

B3        Amber colored and medium bodied

B4        Deep amber and full bodied

B5        Foamy head at first … then disappears quickly

B6        Crystal clear … no haze or cloudiness


Category C: Ingredients, Finish

C1        Fine golden grains, pure filtered water, and the best hops

C2        Made with corn syrup and hop extracts

C3        Short, dry finish … you’re ready for the next sip

C4        Brewed cold … to drink cold

C5        Perfect for a beer-based cocktail or drink

C6        Long, lingering finish … savor the experience


Category D: Origin

D1        From a local craft brewer

D2        From my country

D3        From Mexico

D4        Imported from Belgium

D5        From the UK

D6        From Germany


Category E: Emotions , Usage, Brewing

E1        The ultimate icy-cold refresher

E2        Helps you unwind after a busy day

E3        A beer for bonding and relaxing with friends

E4        Great to drink with any activity

E5        Never disappoints … brewed with the quality and care you expect

E6        Brewer with a long tradition and heritage … always respects who you are


Category F: Presentation, Packaging, Distribution

F1        It’s beer … no fancy presentation needed

F2        Drink it straight from the can or bottle

F3        Fun, irreverent label

F4        Available everywhere beer is sold

F5        Comes in clear glass bottles

F6        Six-packs, suitcases, quarts … buy it any way you like